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Reception 2019 - Parent/Carer Information

Thank you to those parents/carers who were able to make the meeting this week for new parents/carers of children starting Reception in September 2019. 


If you were not able to make the meeting, we will be posting you information about which class your child is in, when they start school and when the home visit (where your child's teacher and teaching assistant visit you) will take place.  


In the meantime, for your interest, below are the important notes from the meeting:


  • Click here to read about attendance and punctuality - our happiest and highest achieving children always arrive to school at 8:40am and always have excellent attendance (98% or higher);
  • To make sure you receive communication from us, please tell the School Office if you change address, telephone number or e-mail address, and please like and follow us on Facebook and download the SchoolGateway app so you may make payments and book before- and after-school clubs from September 2019;
  • Please talk to your child's teacher regularly, checking to see how your child is working and how they are behaving, and let your child's teacher know if there is anything going on at home that they should be made aware of - if you require a private meeting, you can make an appointment at the School Office to meet your child's teacher before- or after school;
  • Click here to know what school uniform your child should wear, including a link to the website you need to order a school-branded V-neck jumper or cardigan - please label every single item of clothing in permanent marker and talk to your child about looking after their belongings;
  • Please read every day at home with your child, particularly at bedtime, and make notes in your child's reading record - in September, your child will be given a free book bag and it will contain a reading record, a bedtime story book and, when your child is ready, a Read Write Inc. phonics book to practise their word reading skills with you at home; 
  • Over the Summer Holidays, promote your child's independence, making sure they dress themselves and can use the toilet alone;
  • When your children starts school in September, make arrangements for their friends to visit your home for a play date or make arrangements with other parents/carers to visit the park after school or at the weekend so your child may learn how to play well with others; and, 
  • Please note the following key dates (so far) for Reception parents/carers:


19/09/19 at 2:00pm - Lending Library Workshop (i.e. a weekly library we have in school where your child and you may borrow resources for free to use at home)


30/09/19 at 9:00am - Phonics Workshop (i.e. how we teach your child to read words)


24/10/19 from 3:30-9:00pm - Parents and Carers' Evening (i.e. nearer the time you will make an appointment to meet your child's teacher to discuss their learning)


20/12/19 at 9:00am - Reception Christmas Concert