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At Hurst Drive, we believe that all children are artists. Learning is focused on encouraging every child to be creative, imaginative, skillful, and confident. Through providing opportunities for children to explore other artists’ work as well as giving children the freedom to create based on their own ideas, children feel empowered, inspired, and begin to take pride in their work. We aim to provide a curriculum which broadens and deepens pupil understanding. All staff have high expectations for all children, mirroring our school vision, ‘Success For All’. At Hurst Drive primary School we aim:

  • To empower children with a rich knowledge of different artists
  • To enable children to be imaginative and confident when creating their own work
  • To provide children with the opportunities to evaluate and edit their work
  • To introduce children to a range of different artistic skills (colour mixing, shading, collage)
  • To provide children with the opportunities to practice with and master use of various mediums By the time children leave Hurst Drive, we expect our pupils to be resourceful and innovative. This will enable there to be ‘success for all’ children in further education and the wider world.

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