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School Governance at Hurst Drive Primary School

As governors our vision for children is evidenced in the school's vision of 'Success for All' and the school values of Respect, Confidence, Kindness, Inclusivity & Community.


As Greenfield and Hurst Drive are now part of the Greenfield and Hurst Drive Federation, we have one governing board. All details about governance can therefore be found at

What our Governors say:


'Being new to the education sector in the UK, it has really helped me understand the system from an operational view point and how we can help the school make it the best place for young children'


"I enjoy working with the other governors who are from all sorts of backgrounds, to improve the opportunities for the children in the Greenfield and Hurst Drive community” 


“Being a governor gives me opportunities to use my past experiences to help the school”.


“I am able to attend training to help me understand the important issues facing schools and to learn how I can make a difference”.


School Governance - March 2024