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At Hurst Drive, Geography lessons allow children to explore the world around them in greater depth, developing an understanding of their immediate locality as well as the world beyond. The Geography curriculum is designed to inspire a curiosity and fascination, in pupils, about the world around them as well as enabling children to recognise their role within it. Within our Geography lessons, children acquire a range of fieldwork skills from reading, interpreting and drawing maps to developing their skills of observation, data gathering, presentation and analysis. Through providing opportunities for children to engage in a range of field work skills and utilise our vast grounds, children are able to engage in exciting and meaningful learning opportunities, giving them the confidence to articulate their opinions; take responsibility for the world they live in and see the bigger picture. Geography is a subject that equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people and resources as well as developing an understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. As pupils progress throughout school, their growing knowledge about the world should enable them to identify the impact of human processes on landscapes and environments and vice versa.


At Hurst Drive, we are committed to providing a curriculum which broadens and deepens pupil understanding and all staff have high expectations for all children, mirroring our school vision, ‘Success For All’. At Hurst Drive primary School we aim:

  • To develop children’s understanding of human geography and the impact that this has upon physical geography and the world around them
  • To engage our children in range of field work
  • To develop a knowledge of, and engage in the practice of, the skills and processes undertaken by geographers
  • To build on pupils’ curiosity and sense of awe of the world
  • To develop in pupils a general sense of enquiry which encourages them to ask questions and engage in discussion

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