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Remote Learning


If your child needs to self-isolate due to coronavirus, you will find below all the resources you need to support them with their education at home.


If your child is more able and needs to be challenged, you are welcome to complete the work set for other year groups.  Similarly, if your child is finding the work for their year group too difficult, you can set them the work for a lower year group.  


Please note, a member of staff will telephone weekly to speak to your child about their learning and to offer advice to parents/carers as needed.  




Our medium-term planning for mathematics is in line with the Oak National Academy because we follow the Mathematics Mastery scheme of work which Oak National Academy use as well.  In this way, your child is not missing out on the learning they would have in school with their teacher.  You should click here and then select your child's year group and complete the scheduled lessons.  Otherwise, you may complete the mathematics games and activities at the bottom of this page that help your child to revise key number facts they need to know and understand by the end of the school year.  You may also click here to watch videos by Mrs Ryan-Roberts (Subject Leader for Mathematics) showing you how to use different calculation strategies.  Parents and carers can then set their own calculations for their child to complete.  




You may read our medium-term planning for English and use this to find suitable lessons on the Oak National Academy website.  For example, if your child is in Year 4 and it says on our medium-term planning that they are learning to write instructions, you can select a lesson that is about instructional writing.  Otherwise, you may scroll to the bottom of this page to find reading and writing worksheets suitable for your child's year group for them to complete at home.    


Science and the Foundation Subjects


You may click here to find our homework booklets that include projects you may do at home to complement the learning a child would be having in school with their teacher.  Otherwise, you may click here and select the subject of your choosing and read the medium-term planning to find out exactly what they would have been learning in school and you can then visit the Oak National Academy website and select that subject to set work for your child to complete.


What if I need paper copies of worksheets?


If you require paper copies of worksheets, you may e-mail or telephone the School Office to request these and we will post them to the home address we have on record as soon as possible.  

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