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Design Technology

At Hurst Drive, Design and Technology is taught termly in KS1 and KS2. In Reception, the children are given many opportunities to develop a range of practical Design and Technology skills through our half termly topics that are embedded in the Understanding the World section of the EYFS curriculum.


Design and Technology is a practical subject which involves the children designing and making products. It embraces work with wood, textiles, food and mechanics as well as graphics. Design and Technology not only develops the children's life skills through teaching the children how to investigate, assemble and disassemble products in order to discover how they work but also use their knowledge from other subjects such as maths and science. An example of this is in Year six where the children will be developing their own recipes to make gingerbread houses.


Some of our luckier year groups will be embarking on some very exciting trips this year to really embed the learning that has taken place in the class e.g. in Year two, pupils will not only learn to make their own pizzas at Pizza Express but they will also visit the Transport Museum in London to learn more about vehicles. If you would like to find out what topic your child's year group will be learning about this year, please have a look at the school curriculum map!


We look forward to sharing many of the exciting learning opportunities with you on our school social media pages ( Facebook and Twitter