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At Hurst Drive, we know that History is not only a window to the past but also to the future. Lessons allow children to explore the world around them and recognise how events of the past have impacted the world in which they now live. The history curriculum is designed to inspire a curiosity about the past and the events and people that have contributed to the world around them.  


Within our History lessons, children acquire a range of skills in order to support them to compare and contrast historical periods, events and people. History lessons are an opportunity for children to consider the role of people in society and how this has changed over time. Through class discussions, role-play, debate and storytelling, children ask questions to further their understanding and consider events from different perspectives creating a wider understanding of the world and an understanding of those different to themselves. For each history unit, children are provided with the opportunity to engage with a variety of sources and artifacts, loaned from a local library. Through providing these resources, children are able to engage in exciting and meaningful learning opportunities, giving them the confidence to articulate their opinions and deepen their understanding.


At Hurst Drive, we are committed to providing a curriculum which broadens and deepens pupil understanding and all staff have high expectations for all children, mirroring our school vision, ‘Success For All’.


At Hurst Drive primary School we aim:

  • To develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time.
  • To know where the people and events they study fit within a chronological framework
  • To identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods and note connections, contrasts and trends over time
  • To understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past and identify different ways in which it is represented
  • To understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.
  • To develop a knowledge of, and engage in the practice of, the skills and processes undertaken by historians
  • To develop in pupils a general sense of enquiry which encourages them to devise historically valid questions and engage in discussion about change, cause, similarity and difference, and significance.


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