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Vision and Values

Vision Statement

At Hurst Drive Primary School, our vision is 'Success for All'.


Our vision is that all children at Hurst Drive will be successful academically. We consider it of equal importance that they are successful in their social, emotional, cultural and cognitive development. 
Our five School Values describe the type of people we want to help our children to be in order to succeed. They are also the values we model as adults in the school and expect all of our parents and carers to support us in upholding them.

School Values

At Hurst Drive, we are:

  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • Kind
  • Inclusive
  • A Community


The values will be promoted and taught to children through assemblies and the school curriculum, particularly through Personal Social Health Education (PSHE).  

How we love to learn at Hurst Drive

In September 2023, the whole school community had a chance to vote on what we believe are the most important learning behaviours to help us to be successful. We try to use these behaviours in our learning every week:

We love to be curious

We love not knowing

We love being supportive

We love taking risks

We love being independent

We love not giving up