School Logo

Vision and Values

Vision Statement


At Hurst Drive Primary School, our vision is 'Success for All'.


On our journey to achieving success for all, Hurst Drive Primary School will involve everyone in maintaining high expectations to create an outstanding teaching and learning environment, where the curriculum extends beyond the classroom, and all learning opportunities prepare children for the ever-changing world.

School Values


At Hurst Drive Primary School, we will instil five important values in every child that will help them on their journey to achieving success for themselves and success for others.  These five values are listed below:


  • Perseverance (Right Conduct)
  • Self-control (Peace)
  • Creativity (Truth)
  • Kindness (Love)
  • Collaboration (Non-violence)


The values will be promoted and taught to children through assemblies and the school curriculum, particularly through Personal Social Health Education (PSHE).