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Maths at home

Supporting your child at home


Learning and remembering the foundational skills and knowledge in maths is essential for children's ongoing learning. 


To help your child to be successful here are some ideas of activities you can do together:


Sing counting rhymes

Go on a number hunt or shape hunt in your house or local area

Play board games that involve counting 

Go shopping together- encourage your child to tick off each item on the list and count items into a shopping bag - for example, 3 apples for younger children - get older children to pay with cash and tell you how much change they expect back

Cook together and talk about amounts, weigh and measure out ingredients

Talk about days of the week and months of the year

Have digital and analogue clocks at home and encourage your child to tell the time using these

Talk about time and time yourselves doing things - for example "I wonder how long it would us you to run/walk around the park." Estimate together and then use a stop watch to time yourselves

Learn times tables together and keep on practising!


Some useful websites for more maths practice and ideas:


BBC Bitesize - Online maths games and guidance for KS1 & KS2

Times Table Rockstars - Your child has a login and can access this from home to practise their Times Tables

Family Maths Toolkit - Exciting ideas for practising maths together at home

Transum Maths - Fun online games, puzzles and activities with guidance for parents

Maths on Toast - Ideas for maths activities you can do as a family