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What to do if your child is unwell


We do understand that occasionally a child cannot be in school due to illness, however, it is hugely important that our children are in school as much as possible getting the most from their education.


As a school our attendance target is for all pupils to have at least 96% attendance - this is the equivalent of approximately 7 whole days off per school year.  This is something we are close to doing and you can help us achieve this by ensuring your children are in school, on time, every day. 


If there are exceptional circumstances which means your child will not be at school please inform us in one of the following ways: 

Ring the school on 01992 624099 option 3,1

Email us  


 Those children with 100% attendance at the end of each term will receive a certificate.

Those children with 100% attendance for the whole school year will be invited to attend a fun session at school and will also have their name put into a prize draw to win a very special prize. 


 Here are our leaflets containing helpful information about why attendance at our school is so important:


Attendance Leaflet


Late Pupils' Leaflet