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What uniform do the children wear at Hurst Drive Primary School?


Each child requires the following items of clothing:


  1. School Uniform


  • School-branded v-neck sweatshirt (which you may purchase here) or a school-branded sweatshirt cardigan (which you may purchase here). Alternatively a plain navy v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan may be worn
  • Plain white polo shirt
  • Charcoal grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers/shorts
  • Black, grey or white socks/tights
  • Smart black shoes (i.e. not trainers)
  • School-branded book bag (which you may purchase here) or a school bag of your choice


   2. PE Kit


  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Plain navy sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Plain navy/black jogging bottoms
  • Plain navy/black shorts
  • Trainers or plimsoll

Children should come to school wearing their PE kit on their PE days. 


What happens if my child loses an item of clothing?


One of our five school rules is 'We look after school and personal property' so every child is responsible for their own school uniform and any items from home they choose to bring into school.  


We recommend all items of clothing be labelled with a child's name, and, if these labels are handwritten using a pen, we recommend a parent/carer check them regularly and rewrite the label as needed because it will fade over time.  


If an item of clothing is discovered with a child's name on it, a member of staff will return the item to the child.  Otherwise we place these items of clothing in our lost property bins which are in the School Office entrance area.  A child or their parent/carer is welcome to search through the lost property bins as needed.  Please be aware, at the end of every term, we clear the lost property bins of unclaimed items of clothing.  


Is there financial support for parents/carers to purchase school uniform?


As a school, we work very hard to use our own money and money we source through grant funding to support our children and their families.  If you need financial support, please approach a member of staff you trust in person, otherwise you may telephone on 01992 624099 or e-mail


Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to purchase the uniform for every family who asks, we will try hard to support as many families as we can.