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Weekly Newsletter w/c 13/09/2021

Dear Parent/Carer,


It has been a great first week back at Hurst Drive, it is wonderful to see all of the children settling back into school so well and getting to know their new teachers. We hope they’ve enjoyed getting started as much as we have. Please see below for some important notices about school life:  


School Day

The main school gates will be open just before 8.40am each day and classrooms doors open at 8.40am and close at 8.55am. The school day ends 3.30pm. At the end of the school day, all children are collected from their external classroom door, unless a parent/carer has given permission in writing for them to walk home alone or for them to walk themselves down to the front playground to meet their parent/carer.  If you have not given this permission but would like to, please e-mail with your child/ren's full name/s and stating you give permission for them to exit the classroom alone.


Walnut Class

If you have a child in Walnut Class moving forward, please use the alternative door to the left of the classroom when dropping off and collecting your child.


Bikes and scooters

We are so pleased to see so many children walking and riding to school. However, some children are staying on their bikes/scooters when they come through the gate, which could cause a nasty accident. Please remind your child to get off their bike or scooter as soon as they get to the school gates and walk in. The same goes for the end of the day. Thank you for your support in this.


Parent Observations of Teaching

We would like to offer parent/carers the opportunity to observe a short section of a lesson taught during the school day. If you would like the chance to observe a lesson or would like more information please contact or approach Mrs Bye in the playground, at coffee morning or by telephoning the school office.


Schools Meals

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, they will continue to have the option of a Universal Free School Meal.  Similarly, if your child is in Years 3-6 and is eligible for Free School Meals, they will have the option of a school-funded lunch.  If your child is in Years 3-6 and not eligible for Free School Meals, please make sure you use the School Gateway app to pay for their school meals in advance to avoid incurring a debt.  A school meal costs £2.60. Otherwise, if you are providing your child with a home packed lunch, please click here to familiarise yourselves with what can and what cannot be included.  


Household Goods

Mrs Bye our Family Support Worker has received funding to provide some of our families with household goods. These goods will be delivered and fitted. If you would like more information about this, please contact or approach Mrs Bye in the playground, at coffee morning or by telephoning the school office.


Parent/Carer Parking

Most of our families live locally and should walk to school. If you do need to drive to school, we recommend giving yourself enough time to park safely in one of the surrounding roads (e.g. Raglan Avenue) before walking to school.  Doing this will make it safer for parents/carers and children to cross the road outside the school, and it will stop arguments occurring between parents and carers, as well as between parents/carers and local residents.

We strive to ensure a safer street for Hurst Drive and therefore we will now have staff positioned outside the school gates monitoring parent/carer parking. We would like parents/carers to help us facilitate this. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact or approach Mrs Bye in the playground, at coffee morning or by telephoning the school office.


Reading at home

As we have started a new term any banded reading books that children may have at home need to be returned to school by Monday 13th September 2021. 

One of the most important things you can do to help your child to learn and do well at school is to read with them at home. As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher, you have a very important role to play in helping them to become readers.  

Why is reading so important? 


  • Helps children to learn new vocabulary 
  • Helps children to develop their speaking and listening skills 
  • Gives children the opportunity to talk about stories and ideas 
  • Gives children the skills they need to understand other areas of the school curriculum such as maths and science 
  • Develops children’s understanding of the world around them and other people 

Reading at home 

  • Reception - A child in Reception will take home three books each week: a sharing book for an adult to read to them, a Read Write Inc. Phonics book they can read to an adult, and a colour-banded book they can also read to an adult so they are being introduced to high-quality storybooks and information books.
  • Years 1 & 2 - A child in Year 1 or Year 2 will take home two books each week: a Read Write Inc. Phonics book they can read to an adult, along with a colour-banded book they can also read to an adult 
  • Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 - A child in Years 3-6 will take home one colour-banded book each week.  Often the children in Key Stage 2 read chapter books and so may keep the same book for a few weeks and this is perfectly acceptable.

Your child has been given a new reading record, banded book, and a reading record help sheet. It is important that you spend time reading through these to support your children with their reading at home. 

The school has invested heavily in a range of literature and resources to support our English curriculum so please ensure that your child's reading record and reading book are taken care of and returned to school in good condition. You may be asked to contribute to the cost of any lost resources. 


Moving on Leaflets

Attached to the emailed version of the newsletter is a leaflet for parents with children who will be transferring to a new school in September 2022. Additional information is available at All parents are encouraged to apply on time and online wherever possible.  


St Mary’s Transition

St Mary’s are delighted to advise that they are able to schedule a face to face Transition evening this year, where they invite parents and their year 5 children to the school to see what they can offer when considering the move on to secondary education.

Attached to the emailed version of the newsletter there is a letter from St Mary’s where you can find all the necessary information including dates of the school tours.


Upcoming In School Events

24/09/21 -European Day of Languages

To celebrate European Day of Languages, each class will learn words and phrases from a European language.  Your child should come to school dressed in non-school uniform in the colours of the flag of the European country their class has been learning about (e.g. France = blue, white and red clothing). More information to follow.

24/09/21- National Day of Cooking

To celebrate National Day of Cooking, and to complement children learning words and phrases from a European language, each class will be preparing a dish from the European country they have been studying. More information to follow.


Upcoming School Trips

13.09.21 & 14.09.21 & 17.9.21 – Year 2 Woburn Safari Park

16.09.21 & 17.9.21 – Year 6 Lea Valley White Water Centre

20.09.21 & 21.09.21- Year 2 Woburn Safari Park

You will receive a letter from your child/s class teacher containing detailed information.