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Newsletter - w/c 27/04/20

Dear Parent/Carer,


We hope you and your family are safe and well.  We thank you for keeping your children at home and playing your part in helping the NHS and the government in their effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  Please see below for a few key notices:


Latest Government Advice for Parents/Carers


Just as we do, the government recognises how hard parents and carers are working to support children's learning in the home.  They have lots of advice and information for parents/carers which you may read by clicking here.  We are aware that many of our families are staying indoors all day, every day.  However, please note, you and your family are allowed to leave your house once a day to exercise.  You can click here to read the rules from the National Police Chiefs' Council, but, in short, so long as you are moving (e.g. walking and not sitting on a park bench) and practising social distancing (e.g. keeping 2 metres apart from others) then you can walk around the streets and/or local parks once a day. 


Home Learning


Thank you to those parents/carers who are helping their children to access the work being set by teachers on their class Facebook pages.  It's so important that your children complete these daily maths and reading exercises, otherwise lots of what they've learnt will be forgotten and it will mean they find school very hard when it reopens.  


If your child is refusing to complete the work, please message your child's class teacher so they may offer advice and possibly send a message to your child themselves.  Remember, we're not expecting your child to engage in 5+ hours of schoolwork each day; the maths and reading work we've set will take an hour maximum and anything else (e.g. creative tasks) are optional.  


During this period of school closure, it would be fantastic if you could teach your child other skills such as, tying their shoelaces, sewing on a button, cooking a meal, learning to ride a bike etc.  We can make the most of these difficult times by ensuring this young generation have time with their parent/s and carer/s to develop skills they wouldn't otherwise be learning.  If you do teach your child a new skill, send a picture/video to your child's class Facebook page so that we may all celebrate yours and your child's achievement!  


Free Schools Meals - Supermarket Vouchers


We are pleased to see that many of our eligible families have followed the instructions in the e-mail received on Monday 20th April 2020 to redeem their supermarket voucher.  Remember, you were given an allocation for this week and next week so you won't receive your next e-mail with a voucher code till Monday 4th May 2020.  


If you believe your circumstances have changed and you may now qualify for your child to receive free school meals, please click here and follow the link to apply.  If you are approved, we will add you to the circulation list to receive a supermarket voucher.


If you believe you are eligible and have not received an e-mail with a code to redeem for a supermarket voucher, please look in your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from and check your junk/clutter box as well.  If you still cannot find the e-mail, it may mean the e-mail was sent to the address we have on file for you so if you have changed e-mail addresses, please e-mail with your updated contact details. 


Primary Admissions - Reception 2020


Thank you to those parents/carers who have already accepted their child's school place to start Reception in September 2020.  If you haven't done so already, please make sure you follow the instructions in the e-mail you would have received on 16 April 2020 to accept your child's place.  In the next few weeks we will post our starter forms to families and this package includes a very special gift for your child.



Yours sincerely,


The School Office Team


Hurst Drive Primary School 


01992 624099