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Newsletter - w/c 27/01/2020

Dear parent/carer,


Please find below the weekly newsletter containing important information.


A Change to End of School Collection


Starting next week, we want to trial parents/carers of children in Years 3-6 collecting their child from their classroom like parents/carers of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 do already.  


This will allow teachers and children to continue lessons right up to home time (because they won't have to pack up early to walk down to the front playground) and it will also allow teachers to speak to parents/carers without having to worry about one of their students going missing as the teacher will be standing at the exit so will know which children have passed them to leave with their parent/carer.

The gate will be opened at around 3:05pm for parents/carers to enter the school premises.


Any child not collected by 3:30pm will be taken to the Dining Hall where they will be recorded as a late collection.  If you know you are going to be late, please arrange for a family member or friend to collect your child/ren, telephoning the school office to let them know, especially if that adult isn't on your child's pick-up list.  


We will see how it goes next week and e-mail more instructions if needed. 


NSPCC Number Day - Friday 31st January 2020


We are raising money for the NSPCC by taking part in their Number Day this year. On Friday 31st January 2020, the children are invited to wear any clothing that has numbers on – please feel free to be as creative as you like – for a £1 donation.


All of the children will be taking part in fun activities arranged by their class teacher on this day, please look and show your support on their Facebook page.  


Reception Classes


Dear Reception Parents / Carers,


I will be offering reading support on a Monday afternoon (from 2:45pm) starting on Monday 27th January. Please come and speak to me if you would like to be added to the group and I will organise a date for you; spaces will be limited each week. Your children will be joining the session so you can see how you can support your child at home to become confident, fluent readers. 


Kindest Regards,

Miss Benson


Weekly Attendance


The whole school attendance for the week beginning 20th January is 97% (National Average: 95.8%).


Class attendance is:


1st Place - Year 4 Cherry 100%

2nd Place - Year 6 Apple 99.1% & Year 4 Hawthorn 99.1%

3rd Place - Year 2 Beech 98.5%

4th Place - Year 5 Cedar 97.8%

5th Place - Year Reception Sycamore 97.8%

6th Place - Year 1 Chestnut 97.4% & Year 3 Oak 97.4%

7th Place - Year 3 Pear 96.8%

8th Place - Year 2 Walnut 96.5%

9th Place - Year 6 Elm 96.2%

10th Place - Year Reception Willow 95.3%

11th Place - Year 1 Ash 94.4%

12th Place - Year 5 Mulberry 92.9%

13th Place - Birch 91.1%


Congratulations to Cherry and Walnut class who will be able to choose their free time activity (the winning class is calculated on the number of children who have 100% attendance for the week). 


Dentist Re-Visit


Due to the high volume of parents wanting their child to be seen by the dentist , they were unable to see every year group . Therefore, they have kindly arranged to come back on Monday 24th February to see all the children that did not manage to have their teeth seen at the previous visit.


Dinner Money


Just a quick reminder that dinner money needs to be paid in advance on a Monday.  Our preferred method of payment is on School Gateway. There are two options you can either pay £2.60 for a single meal or a weekly cost of £13.00 for five meals. If you are unable to pay on the School Gateway, please come into the office with the correct money in an envelope.


If you receive a dinner debt letter, please make sure this is cleared straight away to avoid your child having to bring in a packed lunch until the debt is cleared. Unpaid dinner debts could result in the cost of the school dinner charge being increased in the future which would be unfair for those parents/carers who always pay on time.




Yours sincerely,

The School Office Team

Hurst Drive Primary School 

01992 624099