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Newsletter - w/c 21/06/21

Dear Parent/Carer,
Please see below for some important notices about school life:
Mental Health Support Team
Our School has accessed support for children from the Mental Health Support Team who work for the NHS.  They have requested we include the following notice for parents/carers:

The Mental Health Support Team will be holding a number of workshops over the summer which will be bookable via Eventbrite. These workshops are for parents and carers. 



The Mental Health Support Team are also offering a call back service whereby parents or young people can email the team and request a call back. Emails should be sent to This is for one-off support only; similar to drop in sessions held in school. The call back service will be available Monday-Friday between 9am- 5pm.  

Sibling Photographs - Monday 28 June 2021
Regarding sibling photographs on Monday 28 June 2021, we have had to cancel all booked appointments and set up a new booking due to an issue with our website.  We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
Please note, you will have received an e-mail invitation for each of your children, but you need only make a booking for one child.
For example, if you have a child in Year 2 and a child in Year 4, you should only make a booking for the Year 4 child.  We will then collect your Year 2 child at that time to join your Year 4 child.  If you bring a baby, toddler or nursery-aged child to the School Office, you will meet your school-aged children in the Main Hall for the photograph.  To be clear, no parent/carer should be making more than one booking.  
Please now look out for an e-mail telling you your booking has been cancelled, and please also look out for an e-mail from inviting you to make a new booking, being sure to only book for one of your children.  

If you have any questions, or need any help, please e-mail or telephone the School Office.  


 The booking system will close on Thursday 24 June 2021 at 9:00am.      


We had reports this week of some children being absent due to sunburn caused by playing or being outside over the weekend.  Naturally, we want the children to enjoy being outdoors, but we equally want them well enough to be in school.  Therefore, we have the following advice taken from the NHS website for parents/carers regarding protecting children's skin and what to do if they do get sunburn:
To protect your child's skin, apply sunscreen before letting a child out in the sun - Factor 50 will offer the best protection.  We highly recommend all parents/carers do this before sending their child to school.  
If a child gets sunburnt, you should:-
  • Get your child out of the sun as soon as possible;
  • Cool their skin with a cool shower, bath or towel, but take care not to let them get too cold as this can cause illness;
  • Apply after sun cream or spray, like aloe vera;
  • Drink plenty of water to cool them down and avoid dehydration;
  • Take painkillers (e.g. Calpol); and,
  • Cover their sunburnt skin when they go outdoors.  


Make Music Day - Monday 21 June 2021
To celebrate Make Music Day, we have steelpan and samba drumming workshops for the children to take part in on Monday.  Also, every class will learn a song which they will video and place on Facebook for parents/carers to watch and enjoy.  
Year 6 Mock SATs Week - Optional Breakfast Club
On Monday to Thursday next week, we would like to invite all year six pupils to have the opportunity to come in and join us for breakfast club, just like we would have done usually during SATs week in May.  It will start at 8:00am and children must enter through the School Office.  We will have a range of cereals and other goodies on offer, including juices and water.  
We are trying our best to ensure the children get the same experiences past Year 6 children would have received.
If your child does not wish to attend - which is absolutely no problem - they will need to ensure they are in school as normal and waiting to enter the classroom between 8:40am and 8:55am, ready to start the day.
Sports Day 2021
Sadly, we won't be able to host parents/carers at Sports Day this year.  We were hoping for all rules relating to COVID-19 to be relaxed on 21 June, but unfortunately that has been delayed.  We know parents/carers will be disappointed.  Our plan is to post on Facebook as many photographs and videos as possible, being careful not to include any of our children who are on the 'No to Photos' list.  Please make sure you are friends with your child's class Facebook page.  
For your information, Reception and Key Stage 1 will have their Sports Day on Wednesday 30 June 2021 and Key Stage 2 will have theirs on Thursday 1 July 2021.  You should send your child to school wearing their PE kit with a t-shirt the same colour as their house team.  If you do not know their house team, speak to your child's class teacher.  You must also send them to school with their water bottle and please apply sunscreen to their skin.
Year 6 Prom, Year 6 Production, Year 6 Graduation and the FoHD Summer Fair
Similar to Sports Day, the delay in lifting restrictions may make it difficult for us to plan these events.  
For the Year 6 prom, the current guidelines mean we cannot host the children and adult helpers indoors, and, if we were to host outside, we would have to host three different events to ensure there were no more than 30 individuals.  As such, the Year 6 prom is cancelled.  If you have purchased a ticket for the prom, Miss Read (Finance Administrator) will organise a refund for you.
For the Year 6 production, we will film this and host it on-line for parents/carers to watch.  For the Year 6 graduation, we will take photographs and post them via our class Facebook pages. 
For the Friends of Hurst Drive's Summer Fair, this will be cancelled indefinitely, as it will prove too difficult to reorganise at short notice.  We thank those parents/carers who have already given up their time to start preparations.  
Of course, if the restrictions are lifted early, we will work fast to reorganise the prom and to organise for parents/carers to come on site to watch the production and observe a graduation assembly.  
Please note, we are just as frustrated as you.
As we have done with the A-Life Workshops, Brainblaster Workshops, Steelpan and Samba Drumming Workshops, and the painting of a mural, we will continue to organise ways for the children to have fun, memorable learning experiences in school to make up for the experiences they are missing.  

Fussy Eaters


A local provider, BeeZee Bodies Nutritionists, is organising a workshop for parents/carers to teach them how to manage with a child who is a fussy eater.  You may click here to find out more information and book yourself a place on the workshop.



Yours sincerely,
The Administration Team
01992 624099