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Newsletter - w/c 18/03/19

Dear parent/carer,


Please find attached the weekly e-mail newsletter containing important information.


Ready Steady Read- Sponsored Listen


Thank you to all the children & parents that took part in our Ready Steady Read and Sponsored Listen this week!


We raised an amazing £995; this will go towards buying new reading books for our school.  


British Science Week


This week has been British Science Week and every class attended an assembly where they learnt more about journeys in science which was this year’s theme for Science Week!


Next week we’ll be celebrating all things STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) with pupils in Years 2 – 6 competing in a range of STEM challenges. We’ve purchased lots of resources to help the children solve their STEM challenges, but need your help too. The children will need various materials from home to complete their STEM challenge. If you have any of the following items, please send them into school with your child on Monday. If you end up collecting items for various year groups please place the items in a labelled carrier bag so we know which year group they are for!


Year 2: Plastic drinks bottles and cereal boxes.


Year 3: Small plastic drinks bottles, small plastic and polystyrene food trays, bubble wrap or packaging with air pockets, cartons and yoghurt pots.


Year 4: Cereal boxes


Years 5 and 6: Newspapers, plastic nets, small cardboard boxes and cereal boxes


Friday the 22nd March – History Dress Up Day


As part of our History topics this term the children will be studying significant people/ events from the past. For this we are inviting the children to come dressed as a famous person from the past or as a person/character relevant to each history topic. This will be a whole school event.

There will be a prize for the best-dressed child in each year group!

Below is the list of the history topics for each year group and some costume ideas.


Year Group


History Topic

Costume ideas

Year 1 & Birch Class

Intrepid Explorers

Christopher Columbus

Neil Armstrong

An explorer

Year 2

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

An injured soldier

A Victorian child

Year 3

Invaders and Settlers

Julius Caesar



Roman Solider

Celtic Solider

Year 4

British History Heroes

Elizabeth Fry

William Wilberforce

Thomas Clarkson

Lord Shaftesbury

Florence Nightingale

Emmeline Pankhurst

Winston Churchill

Year 5

Shang Dynasty

Traditional Chinese clothing

Shang kings

Year 6

The Kingdom of Benin

Traditional African clothing

Oba Orhogbua

Portuguese soilder



Self-Portrait Tea Towel Sale


The week beginning the 25th March, the Friends of Hurst Drive will be on the front playground after school selling tea towels decorated with the children's self-portraits and child-drawn portraits of the school staff - a perfect present for Mothers' Day! The tea towels cost £3 each.


Mothers’ Day Sale


On Friday 29th June 2019, the Friends of Hurst Drive have organised a Mothers' Day Sale.


During the school day, each class will have time to visit the hall to purchase a gift or two for their mother, grandmother or any other mothering figure in their life. All gifts cost between £1 and £5 so it's up to you to decide how much money you give your child on this day. Obviously we can't tell you what the gifts are as it needs to be a surprise for you Mums! We recommend you put the money in an envelope with your child's name on it, and, for the younger children, ask your child's teacher or teaching assistant to look after the envelope so that it doesn't go missing. If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs Lloyd (Safeguarding Coordinator) who is part of the Friends of Hurst Drive. Thank you. 



Dinner Money


Just a quick reminder that dinner money needs to be paid in advance on a Monday. Our preferred method of payment is on School Gateway. If you are unable to pay on the School Gateway, please come into the office with the correct money in an envelope. The weekly cost of school dinners is £12.50 for five meals.


If you receive a dinner debt letter please make sure this is cleared straight away to avoid your child having to bring in a packed lunch until the debt is cleared. Unpaid dinner debts could result in the cost of the school dinner charge being increased in the future which would be unfair for those parents/carers who always pay on time.


End of day collection times 


Please note the school day finishes at 3:15pm. Can we please remind you that your children need to be collected at this time. Can we also please remind you to contact the office during the school day if you have a friend or family member collecting your child who is not on your contact list.


Soon the Governors of Hurst Drive Primary School will introduce a Late Collection of a Child Policy to address this issue. Thank you to those parents and carers who always arrange for their child to be collected on time.


After-school Clubs


Please see below for times and dates of all afterschool clubs starting and continuing this half term, The clubs highlighted in red are completely full.


Years 1-2 - Gymnastics Club - Mondays - £15.00 for 5 weeks, starting Monday 4th March 2019


Years 1-3 - Pro Direct Boys' Football - Thursdays - £15.00 for 5 weeks, starting Thursday 7th March 2019


Years 4-6 - Pro Direct Boys' Football - Tuesdays - £15.00 for 5 weeks, starting Tuesday 5th March 2019


Years 4-6  - Steel Pans in Motion – Wednesdays - £5.00 per session, finishes 27th March 2019


Years 5-6 - Dodgeball - Tuesdays - £15.00 for 5 weeks, starting Tuesday 5th March 2019


Years 3-6 – Music & Drama – Free - Mondays, finishes 1st April 2019


Years 3-4 - Speedstacks - Mondays - Free for 8 weeks, starting Monday 4th March 2019


Years 3-6 - Box 2 B Fit - Wednesdays - Free for 8 weeks, starting Wednesday 6th March 2019


Reception – Gardening Club – Mondays – Free for 5 weeks, starting Monday 4th March 2019

Reception – Story Club – Mondays – Free for 5 weeks, starting Monday 4th March 2019




Thank you.



Yours sincerely,


The School Office Team


Hurst Drive Primary School 


01992 624099