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Newsletter - w/c 15/03/21

Dear Parent/Carer,
Thank you for returning your children to school.  Our whole-school attendance has been over 97% which is a tremendous achievement, particularly as we know some parents/carers remain anxious about the pandemic and would very much like to have their child/ren at home with them.  You should feel proud of yourselves for doing what's best for your children - letting them learn and play with children their own age in school.  Thank you.  
Please see below for some important notices about school life:
Learning with Parents - A mathematics website to use at home
For the remainder of this academic year, we are going to be setting maths homework through a website called Learning with Parents Your child's class teacher may set additional homework alongside this too. 
We know that some parents and carers feel anxious about helping their children with maths homework because they feel they were taught in a different way when they were younger. This website has 2-minute videos that aim to teach adults and children before suggesting fun games or tasks to complete using resources you would have in the home. You can then leave feedback to let the teacher know how you (and the child/ren) got on.
Please click here to sign up to Learning with Parents.
Your child/ren's homework will begin to be set on there from next week, starting Friday 19 March 2021.
Thank you for your support.
Mrs Ryan-Roberts (Subject Leader for Mathematics)
British Science Week
Next week, we will be celebrating British Science Week.  As part of this, all children will be taking part in a challenge to build a parachute that may safely transport an egg.  There will be prizes in each year group for those children whose parachute stays airborne the longest and keeps the egg intact.  
On Monday, if you could donate any junk modelling materials to help the children with their creation that would be great.  We need items such as:


  • Small cardboard boxes (e.g. cereal boxes)
  • Material (e.g. fabric)
  • Plastic (e.g. plastic bags, plastic tubs, plastic straws)


You may give the items to your child to hand to their teacher.  We thank you in advance for your donations. 
Miss Prescott-Webb (Subject Leader for Science) 
Children's Reward
On Thursday 25 March 2021, the children who worked hard in school or at home during the third national lockdown, following the school rules always, will have time to use the inflatable bouncy castles and/or assault course as a fun, fit way to celebrate their hard work and excellent behaviour.  
Some children will not be accessing this reward, and it will be because they did not work to the very best of their ability at home or in school.  For example, if you told us on the weekly telephone call that your child was ignoring your instructions and not completing the work set remotely, he or she may not be invited to take part in this activity.    
It is important that every child learns that by following the rules at home, in school, and then in the future by meeting the expectations of their employer, they will be rewarded.  
We thank you for your support, and if your child does complain to you about not being able to access this treat, you should remind them of our five school rules, and let them know there will be other opportunities for rewards - for example, if your child's House Team achieve the most house points across the summer term, they will get a reward in July.  If you do not know, our five schools rules are taken from our School Behaviour Policy and you can find the rules listed below:
School Rules
  1. We work to the very best of our ability.
  2. We listen to learn, achieve and stay safe.
  3. We tell the truth.
  4. We use kind words and actions.
  5. We look after school and personal property.


School Meals - SchoolGrid

If your child has a school meal, please make sure you have booked these via SchoolGrid, otherwise your child is forced to take the default option - a jacket potato with cheese and/or beans - and you will be charged for it if your child is not entitled to free school meals.  


Yours sincerely,
The Administration Team
01992 624099