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Newsletter - w/c - 12/10/20

Dear Parent/Carer,
Please see below for some important notices about school life:
SchoolGrid - School Meals
Parents and carers will have received an e-mailed invitation from SchoolGrid.  You need to create an account so you may order your child's school dinners in advance - you can order on the day, the week before or even the month before.  Please note the following:


  • All school meals need to be ordered in advance via SchoolGrid from Monday 12 October 2020.  We are not taking meal orders in school.
  • If your child has a home packed lunch, you do not need to record this on SchoolGrid.  
  • The advantage of using SchoolGrid is that parents/carers have complete ownership over what their child eats in school - for example, if your child only eats fish, you can select the fish options alongside the vegetarian options for them.  Similarly, if your child is a fussy eater, you can order those meals you know they will eat and then choose to provide a home packed lunch for the other days.    
  • If a child's parent/carer has not selected their school dinner, the child must have the default option.
  • The default option is a jacket potato with cheese and/or beans along with assorted salad.  
  • After the October half term, there will be a new menu .This menu will include pork dishes.  We have four meal options each day so for any child who does not eat pork, there will still be three other options to select.    


If you have not received an e-mail invitation to join SchoolGrid, please check your inbox and junk mail before telephoning or e-mailing the school for support.  
The e-mail invitation will have been sent from
We have scheduled a reminder e-mail and Facebook post this Sunday to parents and carers about booking their child's meals for the week ahead.  Please spread the word among other parents and carers too so that every child who takes a school meal gets the one of their choice.  
Parents and Carers' Consultation Evening
We have made the decision to hold our meetings remotely by telephone on Wednesday 21 October 2020, 3:30-6:10pm, and Thursday 22 October 2020, 3:30-6:10pm.  
From Monday 12 October 2020 at 4:00pm, you will be able to click here to make an appointment to speak with your child's class teacher.  To log into the booking system, you will need to write your name and e-mail address as it appears on our system.  If you have difficulty logging into the system, please telephone or e-mail the school, being ready to share your child/ren's names and the date and times you would be available to take a telephone call on Wednesday 21 October 2020, 3:30-6:10pm, or Thursday 22 October 2020, 3:30-6:10pm.
Please click here to find the same information listed above on our school website.
Flu Vaccination Programme
The Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust have arranged the flu vaccination programme to be in school on Tuesday 17 November 2020.


Please click here to find information, including information translated into other languages, about the flu vaccination programme.  
If you wish to give consent for your child/ren to have the flu vaccine, you must complete the form.  We have given paper copies of this form to your child's class teacher - you can ask them for a copy at the end of the school day.  Please return the form completed to school by Friday 23 October 2020.  You can give the completed form to your child's class teacher or you may hand it in to the School Office via the blue parcel box outside the door.    
School Curriculum
Did you know we store all the teachers' medium-term planning for subjects on-line?  If you click here, you can find out what the children learn in each year group for each subject.  This is particularly useful for those parents/carers who wish to do additional work with their child at home, and it is also useful if your child has a tutor outside of school.  
Regarding homework, if you would like your child to complete additional work at home, you may click here to find our homework booklets with details of projects to complement learning in class.  
Also, at our school, children's personal development is as important as their academic achievement.  If you click here, you will find our Curriculum Policy.  It tells the story of why we teach in the way we do, and, if you scroll to the end, you will find the Hurst Drive 100 - 100 things we aim for your child to have experienced from Reception to Year 6.
We take pride in keeping our school website up to date.  We would highly recommend parents and carers take time to look through our website to learn more about our school, and, if there is information you wish to know that is not included, please let us know by telephone or e-mail so we may add this to the website.    
Parent and Carer Annual Survey
It is very important that we gather parents and carers' opinions of the school - after all, if we know what we are doing well, we can keep doing more of that, and if there are parts of the school that parents and carers want to be improved, we can focus on those as part of our continuous school development. 
We will be sending out the link to the survey next week.  In the meantime, if you would like to read the results of the 2019 Parent and Carer Survey, you may do so by clicking here.   
Reception - Lending Library
Parents/carers of children in Reception should note that the lending library will take place on Wednesdays after school from now on.  
Halloween Dress-up Day - Friday 23 October 2020
Every child in the school is placed into one of our four house teams: Eagle House, Falcon House, Hawk House, and Kestrel House.  Each house has a local charity it raises money for once a year.  Kestrel House are linked with Herts Young Homeless.  To raise money for this charity, we are inviting children to dress up in Halloween-themed costume on Friday 23 October 2020.  If you do not celebrate Halloween, you are very welcome to send your child to school in non-school uniform or school uniform.  
We are asking for a donation of £1 per child; however, we will happily accept whatever money you are able to donate.  
There will be prizes for the children wearing the most creative outfits.  
Kind regards,
The School Office Team
Hurst Drive Primary School    
01992 624099