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Newsletter - w/c 02/12/19

Dear parent/carer,


Please find below the weekly newsletter containing important information.  


School Dinners


Because parents/carers have requested it, we now have two payment options on the SchoolGateway app for school dinners:


  • You can pay for a single school dinner, costing £2.60; or,
  • You can pay for a week's worth of school dinners, costing £13.00.


We hope this helps make things easier for those parents/carers who wish for their child to have school dinners once or twice a week alongside their home packed lunch.


Parents/carers of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, please remember that the government make it possible for all your children to have a free school dinner and you do not need to book this or arrange it with school.  You simply tell your child to choose the option of having a school dinner that day, remembering that we have four options: a meat option, a vegetarian option, a cold option (e.g. tuna sandwich), or the option of a jacket potato with/without filling/s.  




We are very pleased to state that our school attendance is currently at 96.6% which is above the national average and a fantastic achievement for our school!


As you may know, each week we award the class who have had the most children in all week (and arriving on time) with a special treat, and, at the end of the year, those children who have maintained 100% attendance receive a certificate from Hertfordshire County Council and we also include them in our trip/activity for the winning House regardless of what House team they are in.    


Please do not forget that in our school, those children with attendance above 96% are twice as likely to pass their Year 6 SATs and they are also the children who we recognise to be the most confident.  Having this mix of academic skills and confidence is what our children will need when they grow up to be successful adults in the workplace.  


We know some parents/carers are displeased with the strict approach we are taking towards attendance, particularly the fixed penalty notices being issued by the Local Authority; however, we have been praised by the Local Authority Attendance Officer for raising our school attendance and both the letters and fines we have issued are all done in line with local authority guidance and government legislation.


We will continue to send formal warning letters, Appendix A letters, and raise fines via the Local Authority.  If a parent/carer receives a fixed penalty notice and wishes to contest it, they are able to do this through the courts.  


Friends of Hurst Drive’s Christmas Market - Friday 6th December


On Friday 6th December 2019, during the school day, the Friends of Hurst Drive will be running a Christmas Sale for children to buy gifts for family and friends.  The Friends of Hurst Drive ran similar events last school year for Christmas, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day and the children thoroughly enjoyed them.  Of course parents/carers can decide how much money to give their child but we recommend between £5-£10.  


The money raised will help the Friends of Hurst Drive to contribute towards the installation of two sunken trampolines for children to play on at break- and lunchtime.  


Please remember, if you would like to join the Friends of Hurst Drive, you can e-mail, telephone or visit the school office to meet with Mrs Lloyd (Safeguarding Coordinator) or you may speak to one of the parents/carers who you know are already active members of the Friends of Hurst Drive.


Year 3 Parents/Carers


To those parents/carers with children in Year 3, please ensure your child walks up the path independently or with friends.  No parent/carer of a child or children in Year 3 should be walking their child to the classroom door at this point in the school year.  


It is important the children have more opportunities to be independent as they progress through the school - if there is a message for the teacher, the child can share it themselves or alternatively parents/carers can share this with the teacher or higher-level teaching assistant at the end of the day or by leaving a message at the School Office. 


Book Fair


We would like to say a big thank you to all the children and parent/carers who came into school to buy books from our school book fair this week. We have raised £366.24 which has given us £106.50 to spend on new books for our school.


Christmas Raffle


Friends of Hurst Drive are having a Christmas Raffle.  Any donations of unopened toiletries, bottles of alcohol, chocolates and any unused toys or books will be gratefully received.  Please bring donations to the School Office.  Thank you.



Yours sincerely,

The School Office Team

Hurst Drive Primary School 

01992 624099