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At Hurst Drive Primary School we work towards a bully-free school through:-



  • Promptly recording, reporting and dealing with any incidents of bullying - including
       keeping school staff and parents/carers informed;
  • Showing the house qualities - particularly self-control and social intelligence;
  • Regular assemblies - including a yearly production during anti-bullying week to teach

       each of us about what bullying is and how we can work together to stop it;

  • Our reward system for good behaviour;
  • Giving out sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

Anti Bullying at Hurst Drive School

Here are some useful links for parents and children:


    Family Lives is a national charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life.

   The Anti-bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals working 

   together to stop bullying and create a safe enviroment.

   Cyber bullying and internet safety