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Walking to school

We have been working with Living Streets, the charity for everyday walking to encourage active travel and reduce pollution outside the school. We have produced a map to help show the 5 and 10 minute walking zones from Hurst Drive primary school (red and blue circles).


We would like you to use this map to create a car free zone within the red circle.


If you cannot walk all the way, you could park and stride by parking outside the red or blue circles and walking from there. If you walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride to school you will get more exercise, make it safer for us to cross the road and get to discover different shops, parks and cafes in the local area that you might not know are there. You will also earn your WOW badges.

If you do enter the red zone then please switch off your engine while you are waiting. Remember our playground is next to the road and lots of children will breathe in the toxic fumes if your car engines are left idling.


We want fresh air and less pollution!

On 16th June it is National Clean Air Day and wouldn’t it be great if we could put effort into not polluting and celebrate having clean air and healthy, active pupils at Hurst Drive Primary School.