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Federation Consultation

As you may know, the staff at Greenfield Nursery School and those of Hurst Drive Primary School have worked together for many years to make sure that the children move easily and happily from the nursery into the primary school. 


The Governors of both schools are hoping to strengthen this successful working relationship by more formally joining the way that the two schools work together and creating a Federation.  A Federation is a legal joining of both schools in order to work together more efficiently and share knowledge among the staff. 


A committee of governors from both schools has been set up to think about how the schools could work together more closely in the future and later in the year we will be sharing news of the progress they are making.


We now invite you to gather your thoughts and take part in a formal consultation process. Please see below the Consultation Letter and Response Form. 


 We will make sure that there are lots of opportunities for you to find out information, ask questions and chat to governors and the Headteachers about the possibility of forming a Federation, but in the meantime if you have any questions about this, please do contact the Chair of Governors at either school.  Their details are on the websites of each school.