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Walk to School Week Video

‘Road Monster Campaign’


Hurst Drive Primary School in Waltham Cross launched it’s ‘Don’t be a Road Monster Campaign’ outside school today. Parents who drive their children to school are being asked not to be ‘Road Monsters’ as part of a campaign to encourage better driving and parking around schools.

The event was launched by head teacher Chris O’Connor and Inclusion Manager Karen Lloyd at Hurst Drive Primary School with support from Lindsey Day from Hertfordshire County Council Safe and Sustainable Journeys in Schools Team. The event was attended by County Councillor for Waltham Cross Dee Hart, Chris Beattie Community Safety Coordinator for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and local PCSO Steve Jones.


County Councillor Dee Hart, said ‘Hurst Drive Primary School are working very hard to make the area outside the school safer and more pleasant for children travelling to school. 

They are actively encouraging sustainable travel and encouraging parents to walk to school or park further away improving road safety for children entering or leaving the school site.’


The main aim of the campaign is to engage with school-run drivers to encourage them to drive and park considerately, especially in the roads around schools. It is a joint initiative with schools, councillors, fire and rescue service, police and Safe and Sustainable Journeys to School Team.


Parents will be asked by the school to sign up to the schools parking pledge, they will then receive a ‘Don’t Be a Road Monster’ sticker that they can display in the window of their car, showing their support for the initiative.


Photo Attached :

PCSO Steve Jones

Head Teacher Chris O’Connor

PCSO Sue Mills

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Cheshunt Green Watch

County Councillor Dee Hart

Lindsey Day Hertfordshire County Council –Safe and Sustainable School Journeys Team

Chris Beattie Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue –Community Support Officer

Children from Hurst Drive School


M325 PROCESS- Building the New Outdoor Area


Both Debbie (Site Manager) and I (School Business Manager) were set a task to develop the rest of the early years outdoor area. We researched brochures and photos of other Early Years areas in schools nationwide and decided on an area that could be used for play whilst teaching a vital skill Road Safety. Whilst Debbie researched suppliers and cost, I researched possible funding opportunities The National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ scheme seemed to be the most suitable source of funding we could apply to. I applied to participate in the new application process just launched by Awards for All and was accepted. The application process required an in-depth description of our aims and the outcomes expected, should we be successful in our bid. We were asked to detail who would benefit from the project and how we would put the learning into practice. We were asked to describe our school and the children in it and also to describe the wider community and how they could benefit from the project. We also explained how the project would tie in with our ‘Healthy School’ and ‘Walk to School’ initiatives. I completed the application and submitted it to Awards for All.

                 An excerpt of our application:


Approximately two weeks later we were thrilled to receive an email from Awards for All advising us that we had been successful in our bid. A supplier had been sourced by Debbie for the costing and installation of the M325 and work was then booked to commence over the summer holidays (August 2015).

The M325 was then installed over two weeks in August. It was delayed somewhat by the wet weather we experienced, however, was ready for the children to use on their return to school in September.

We have had delivery of our toy vehicles and the M325 will be ‘officially’ opened shortly – teaching our Reception children and the 3 to 5 year olds of our community basic road safety through play.






Water Safety Talk

On Friday 6th  February, we had a visit from Elaine, from the ‘Canal and Waterways Trust’ to tell us all about water safety. First we named different types of water features near to our school (such as the River Lea and the Lee Navigation). Then we were shown a huge poster which had many hazards or dangers. We were invited to the front to point to them and then we discussed why they were dangerous.


We learned how to make sure we keep ourselves safe, as well as how we can help if someone else is in danger - we should NEVER jump in to help, but call for help instead or throw them a life preserver.



We learned a phrase to keep us SAFE:

Stay Away From the Edge”

               We took a booklet home, which has activities and safety notes inside. Please look at the website below and perhaps you can try the games too!

Sensory Garden

A cheque was presented to Hurst Drive Primary School to construct a sensory garden and a growing project in partnership with Groundwork UK, “The community charity with the green heart, working with local communities to improve places and lives”.
The cheque was presented to the school children’s “Green Team” by engineers Hannah Brown and Rachel McHugh from Skanska Balfour Beatty Joint Venture.
Cheque being presented
Graham Phillips from Groundwork Hertfordshire said.
“We are delighted with this funding which will enable us to work further in enhancing the school grounds and providing wildlife habitats to encourage pupils to appreciate and learn about ecology”