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Reception - Willow & Sycamore

Teaching and Learning in Reception


The Reception Team have the freedom to develop more innovative and effective approaches to teaching in order to create a curriculum that is tailored to their class and the children's very specific needs. We ensure a curriculum that is inspiring and engaging. Each topic starts with a session on ‘what we know’ and ‘what we would like to find out’, giving our children further ownership of their curriculum and therefore their own learning.  Focusing on children’s key questions, teachers use this information to plan a curriculum that builds in experiences that reflect the uniqueness of our children and its locality.

Homework in Reception


At Hurst Drive Primary School, we set children homework for the following three reasons:


  • We want to encourage adults in the home to support their child’s learning;


  • We want children to practise basic skills in reading, writing and maths to help improve their achievement in school; and,


  • We want to prepare children for secondary school so that they do not find the transition hard with all the extra homework their teachers will set for them to complete.


Please find the homework booklet for your child's year group below.  Please also note that we have paper copies of these homework booklets in the School Office.

Sound pronunciation guide

Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3.